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Essay 1 - 1280 Words

Essay 1 Carolyn Rudy 1. The nation is at war, and your number in the recently reinstated military draft has just come up. The problem is that, after serious reflection, you have concluded that the war is unjust. What advice might Socrates give you? Would you agree? What might you decide to do? Read the Introduction, Chapter 2 Crito and the Conclusion Chapter 40 Phaedo by Plato. Some people think war is justified because; it is in order to counter terrorism. I think theyre wrong because rather than war being the only solution my opinion is that war is the worse way to handle a conflict. I agree, that sometimes we are forced to do things we might not want to do, for example after the terrorist attack of September 11, it became†¦show more content†¦I was thinking, with lower virtues, one can support the institution, even if one violates it as how Socrates can violate the state by escaping. For one can always say that what Socrates did was not violation but a correction, that you know that the system works and you also know that it is necessary for there to be sacrifices and that the system can never be fully efficient. You were chosen to be one of the sacrifices, but as you know, these sacrifices are like margin of errors, that the system would be in its best working at 96% efficiency, and the 4% would be an acceptable number of losses for the state . So maybe by escaping, you only correct some of the 4% error that the system has made, where Socrates actually belongs to. That maybe, an innocent man escaping is actually doing the state a favor by lowering the margin of error, which can be actually the case here in Crito. And with Socrates having the resources to escape and him, also being innocent may fit the standards to which one can escape. But of course, this theory has a flaw. First, this theory would suspect that all prisoners are honest and truthful to themselves that they can only escape if they are actually innocent, even if they do have the means to escape. Another is if you value your virtue and principle as much as Socrates does, then you would not like to escape, for even if you are innocent and believe that you are helping the state byShow MoreRelatedECHS Application Essay #11022 Words   |  5 Pages Looking down, I saw a stack of red towels with a note on top. Trying not to drip too much water on the floor, I le aned forward to read the note on top. Written on it was the following: â€Å"Feel free to use, Savannah! P.S. Good luck on that essay! – ECHS.† Essay? I thought. And how would they know I would be here? Curiously, I plucked a towel from the stack, and then draped it around my shoulders. Tightening the towel around my shoulders, I began walking down the hall. It was too cold and wet toRead MoreMKT 571 Quizzes week 1 6 Essay2577 Words   |  11 PagesQuiz  Week  1  Ã‚   1  One  of  the  most  critical  steps  in  the  defining  process  of  market  research  is   defining  the  problem,  the  decision  alternatives,  and  research  objectives   2  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹ Wabash  Bank  would  like  to  understand  if  there  is  a  relationship  between  the  advertising  or  promotion  it   does  and  the  number  of  new  customers  the  bank  gets  each  quarter.  What  type  of  research  is  this  an   example  of?  Ã‚   Casual   3  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹ How  does  the  market  demand  curve  change  (as  a  function  of  marketing  expenditure)  during  recession?  Read More Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes) Essay2177 Words   |  9 PagesType 1 diabetes, is an incurable but treatable disease which can occur at any age but is mostly found in children due to the high levels of glucose in the blood (Eckman 2011). Juvenile diabetes affects about 1 in every 400-600 children and more than 13,000 are diagnosed yearly (Couch 2008). Type 1 Diabetes means your blood glucose, or blood sugar, is too high. With Type 1 diabetes, your pancreas does not make insulin. Insulin is a hormone, which helps glucose gets into your cells to provide energyRead Morehow to get free essays615 Words   |  3 PagesIn this essay I will explain how to get free essays and the pros and cons of this method. Go to and sign up for a free acount. Type everything I am doing into this box and then click submit work. From here you can now access a non premium essay (so a not so good one) and are free to cheat in your course work at any given time. The one thing you must bare in mind though is the fact that most of the free essays on here are kinda bad and you probably wont get higher than a c/low bRead MoreAnylitical Essay Topic: the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander Mccall Smith1418 Words   |  6 PagesAlexander McCall Smith, the author of the award winning novel The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency spoke in a recent interview in The Sydney Morning Herald (December 2006) about his famously optimistic views of Africa and its people. The works of many African authors express rather grim and bleak views in comparison to McCall Smith’s view. In a â€Å"Foreign Correspondent† interview McCall Smith says Botswana is a very beautiful country and th at Africa transformed him into a best selling novelist and madeRead MoreEssay 1. 11440 Words   |  6 PagesThe number is 954 and here is a list of things that they have done. 1.) calling 911 reporting he was in fear of his home being blown up, because I was manufacturing methamphetamine in my house. (although he never left his house or warned the neighbors) Leading the Police and Fire Department to respond by threatening to knock my door down unless I opened it. I had been taking a shower at the time this occurred. I was terrified and confused having no inclination as to why they were at my door. WearingRead MoreZiyin 1 1 Essay1327 Words   |  6 Pagesarguments, and it is how you can change peoples minds. I believe an effective argument is when people read and form an opinion about your work, they can agree with you. It can even change the audiences mind if they think the opposite before reading your essays. In Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss, he exemplifies my definition of good rhetoric. Eric Weiner uses the three base components to persuade and convince audiences who are looking for happiness and do not know what happiness really is to be o n hisRead MoreAmericas Founding Documents Essay709 Words   |  3 PagesActivities Read the instructions for the following activities and type in your responses. At the end of the lesson, click the link on the Summary screen to open the Student Answer Sheet. Use the answers or sample responses to evaluate your own work. 1. Three-Fifths Compromise How do you feel about the Three-Fifths Compromise? Was it a wise decision by the framers of the constitution to keep the nation united, or was it an unacceptable compromise even at the cost of the nation breaking up over theRead MoreTv, Bad Influence on Kids Essay637 Words   |  3 Pagestwo, 2-page essays for this assignment: Essay 1--Persuade your reader to accept the argument, that television programming such as MTV is corrupting young children. (the pro side) Essay 2--Persuade your reader to reject the argument, and defend the credibility of television programming such as MTV. (the con side) Essay should be well reasoned and include references to support your conclusion. Please submit both essays together as one assignment in the space below. Label each essay with the subheading:Read MoreArgumentative: Bibliography and Additional Information Essay1207 Words   |  5 PagesThis material set-off in this fashion in the handout identifies the revision notation for these matters. Guidelines for the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Citing Sources You are not to employ footnotes or endnotes in your essay. Rather, when you employ anothers ideas or quote from a source in your essay, please employ the Modern Language Association, MLA, format for in-text citations; the format is set forth in Keys, p. 144 et seq. Quoting, Citing, and Referencing Source Material

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Interpreting The 5th Amendment And The Rights Of A Free...

Interpreting the 2nd Amendment and how to define â€Å"A well regulated Militia Being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.† Has been a constant battle between the courts and Citizens for years starting with United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939) In US VS. Miller the defendant Jack Miller and Frank Layton were accused of Knowingly, and Willfully transporting firearms over state borders without proper Documentation. The courts ruled against Miller they opinon read did unlawfully, knowingly, willfully, and feloniously transport in interstate commerce from the town of Claremore in the State of Oklahoma to the town of Siloam Springs in the State of Arkansas a certain firearm, to-wit, a double barrel 12-gauge Stevens shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches in length, bearing identification number 76230, said defendants, at the time of so transporting said firearm in interstate commerce as aforesaid, not having registered said firearm as required by Section 1132d of Title 26, United States Code (Act of June 26, 1934, c. 737, Sec. 4 [ § 5], 48 Stat. 1237), and not having in their possession a stamp-affixed written order for said firearm as provided by Section 1132c, Title 2, United States Code (June 26, 1934, c. 737, Sec. 4, 48 Stat. 1237) and the regulations issued under authority of the said Act of Congress known as the National Firearms Act, approved June 26, 1934,Show MoreRelatedDemocratic and Undemocratic Aspects of the American Experience1798 Words   |  7 Pageswords demos, the people, and kratos, to rule (Dahl 2000: 11). In most definitions of the term, democracy has come to mean a rule of the people and by the people. However, what precisely the people means has varied considerably from society to society, as has what is considered to be the best way to allow the people to articulate their voices. Democracy has meant different things to different people in different times and places: (Dahl 2000: 3). In ancient Athens, all free males had a voiceRead More Gun Control is NOT Losing your Target in the Recoil Essay2515 Words   |  11 Pages Guns, like many other issues of the day, have two distinct and opposing views with many people in the middle or undecided. Even following the tragic events of December 7, 1993, when unemployed handyman Colin Ferguson boarded the LIR’s 5:33 out of Penn Statio n. Ferguson waited until the train, filled with local commuters on their way home, pulled out of the Hicksville station before drawing a 9mm pistol. Ferguson then opened fire walking up and down the aisle shooting passangers indiscriminatelyRead MoreA Closer Look At The Fourteenth Amendment s Equal Protection Clause2421 Words   |  10 PagesEqual Protection Clause Our 14th amendment is perhaps the most important amendment because it helps defend some of our fundamental rights. This amendment extends the due process procedure to all citizens when trying to deprive them of life, liberty, or property. The amendment also ensures that everyone born in the United States or naturalized is guaranteed citizenship. This helped grant the right to vote for many americans who before were excluded from this right. It was ratified on july 9th in 1868Read MoreAffordable Care Act : How It Applies From A Constitutional Stand Point2872 Words   |  12 Pagesfacts of the legislation’s standing as law. Specific constitutional criteria will be utilized is determining the validity of the ACA in conjunction with other federal laws as well as any prohibitions stated within any court rulings and the United States Constitution. The issues of canceled insurance policies, mandates to acquire or retain insurance, and the impact of such on citizens will be addres sed in accordance of the previously mentioned criteria. A solution as to how to fix the problem ofRead MoreAffordable Care Act : How It Applies From A Constitutional Stand Point2870 Words   |  12 Pagesfacts of the legislation’s standing as law. Specific constitutional criteria will be utilized is determining the validity of the ACA in conjunction with other federal laws as well as any prohibitions stated within any court rulings and the United States Constitution. The issues of canceled insurance policies, mandates to acquire or retain insurance, and the impact of such on citizens will be addressed in accordance of the previously mentioned criteria. A solution as to how to fix the problem ofRead MoreDue Process and Crime Control2321 Words   |  10 Pagesarea of civil rights law as well as in the area of civil liberties—specifically, the rights of the accused as addressed in Amendments 4 through 8. In the period from 1961 to 1969, the Warren Court examined alm ost every aspect of the criminal justice system in the United States, using the 14th Amendment to extend constitutional protections to all courts in every State. This process became known as the â€Å"nationalization† of the Bill of Rights. During those years, cases concerning the right to legal counselRead MoreThe Second Amendment Of The Usa Constitution3202 Words   |  13 Pages The Second Amendment of the USA Constitution. Issues and Controversies Jesse Snell Criminal Justice Process Professor Kerry Erisman December 21, 2014 Contents Introduction 2 Research Hypothesis and Method 3 Background of the problem 4 Structure of the Research 5 The Opponents’ View 6 The Proponents’ View 8 The issue is well-regulated 8 Guns Are Really Used In Self-Defense Purposes 9 The importance of firearms industry 11 Conclusions 11 Introduction 1789 was a landmarkRead MoreChange Essay4238 Words   |  17 Pagesplace to explore the opportunities that would create a healthier as well as a safer workplace. A survey was conducted to study student and staff smoking behaviours and attitudes to a smoke free campus which resulted in the ECU council in march 2010 supporting the by-law change to make the campuses smoke free. BACKGROUND Edith Cowan University is located in Perth, Western Australia. It was named after Edith Dircksey Cowan who was the first Australian female parliamentarian and fighter for socialRead MoreExaming the Cultural Practice of Ukuthwala and Its Impact on the Rights of the Child13071 Words   |  53 PagesIN HUMAN RIGHTS COURSE COORDINATOR : PROF. SN REMBE TOPIC: Examining the cultural practice of ukuthwala and its impact on the rights of the girl child: An Eastern Cape Perspective TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Ukuthwala 3. International Legislative Framework 4. National Legislative Framework and Ukuthwala 5. Causes of Ukuthwala 6. Consequences of Ukuthwala 7. Impact of Ukuthwala on the Girl Child 8. Ukuthwala and Constitutional Rights 9.Read MoreNational Security Outline Essay40741 Words   |  163 PagesTipson 50 CHAPTER 18: The National Security Process 60 CHAPTER 19: intelligence and Counterintelligence 63 CHAPTER 20: Access to Information 65 CHAPTER 21: Freedom of Expression 70 CHAPTER 22: National Security and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments 73 R. J. Rummel, â€Å"Power Kills; Absolute Power Kills Absolutely (Oct. 1991) 77 A. Theories of Confidence-Building Measures 79 J.N. Moore, Law and the Indochina War 81 Henkin, Is there a ‘Political Question’ Doctrine? 82 STANDING 83 JNM, SOLVING

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Cultural Event Paper Free Essays

A cultural event that I have attended in the past that has had a memorable affect on my life was a Native American Powwow. This event takes place every year, Thanksgiving weekend in Tucson, AZ. I arrived in the late afternoon, as the sun was going down. We will write a custom essay sample on Cultural Event Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now I remember seeing many different types of people, from tourists to the different Native American performers. The physical setting of this particular celebration was outside, and based around, one main circle. Drums were beating so loud, you could feel the pound inside your chest. Different activities were going on all around, such as dancers, vendors, and a huge variety of foods to choose from. The circular dancing arena is known as the arbor, this area is blessed before any of the events begin (Schultz, 2001). This area is considered to be sacred ground, and is respected throughout the entire celebration (Schultz, 2001). The arbor was made of tree limbs and leaves. The four main entries into the festivities were used to resemble the four points of a compass (Schultz, 2001). The dancers entered from the east entrance, and the main announcer was located by the West entrance. Many spectators were sitting on blankets, and some on lawn chairs. The environment was relaxed, and a very friendly atmosphere. The activities included dance and drum contests, different ceremonies, and many different vendors. The crafts were all handmade and amazing. Each piece looked as if it were specially made from the heart. The Native American culture to me felt festive, warm, and very inviting. The dancer’s come from many different tribes. Their faces were painted, and their costumes consisted of beautiful festive colors. They were made of feathers, sequence, dye, and other natural fabrics. A powwow is a Native American gathering, or celebration that began with the Plains tribe, and continued to other Native American tribes through the years (Schultz, 2001). A powwow is also the oldest known public ritual of the Native Americans (Schultz, 2001). This culture considers this particular festivity, a celebration of the circle of life. They include much of their culture in their dance, music, art, food, and drumming, especially while performing these rituals (Schultz, 2001). In the past powwows took place around seasonal changes. This changed as non-natives began to join in celebrating these Native American customs (Schultz, 2001). Native American powwows earliest record dates back to July 4th, 1900 in a Missoula, MT newspaper (Schultz, 2001). Native Americans hold a type of esoteric concept that comes from their philosophy of preserving their environment as well as their kinship that ties them together (Access Genealogy, 2009). They not only have social ties, they are politically and religiously organized through their rituals, government, and other institutions (Access Genealogy, 2009). They work together to reside in a territorial area, and speak a common language (Access Genealogy, 2009). They are not characterized by any one certain structure (Access Genealogy, 2009). However, the society agrees on fundamental principles that bond together a certain social fabric (Access Genealogy, 2009). Different Native American tribes throughout the years have had different ideas, opinions, philosophies, which are not always predetermined by their past ancestors. The roots and customs of Native American tribes run deep. A feeling of respect and tradition is in the air. Every little detail has meaning and a certain level of pride and of importance to each individual taking part in the ceremony. According to Access Genealogy, 2009, â€Å"Humanities are studies of the human condition, whether it is the study of art, sociology, anthropology, literature, history, or any other human endeavor. † Humanities are the core of humanism, and are the product and creativeness of each individual society. Each culture’s has its own form of expression; in this case, it was the powwow. This was a way to entertain and promote awareness to the Native American culture. They are not afraid to show who they are, like other cultures, which can be more refined in the way they celebrate. Native Americans choose to embrace their heritage, and make it a part of their everyday lives. They are trying to hold on to a special place from their past, and not let it slip away. America is known as the â€Å"Melting Pot† with many different cultures, I believe that celebration is a way for each culture to hold onto their identity, and gain respect in a world that is constantly changing. How to cite Cultural Event Paper, Papers

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Transtheoretical Model of Change free essay sample

Juvenile Crime Paper Matthew Guy CJS/200 July 6, 2013 Deborah DiFalco In this society, there are adolescences that happen to slip through the cracks and stay in the system of Justice for criminals all through their existence even if some are bailed out by efficient guidelines during crucial developmental periods. The regulation for Juvenile misconduct could be managed on criminals up until 21 years of age when the court considers that the offender is emerging. Some issues related with young crime has to do with living in an insecure family environment and family ostility, deprivation, drugs, negligent peer cliques, frequent contact with violence, media violent behavior, and easy exposure to firearms. The following paper will discuss the difference between Juvenile and adult court, delinquency, status offences, variables of Juvenile crime rates, and recommendations to prevent crimes committed by Juveniles. Difference Between Juvenile and Adult Court Even though adult and Juvenile court mostly fluctuate from each state, there are clear factors that do differentiate the two systems of the court. We will write a custom essay sample on Transtheoretical Model of Change or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In some courts a Juvenile is considered to be under the age of 18, on the other hand in a different court if one is of the age of 18 one is considered an adult. Although if a child happens to be accused of murder, he or she would be transferred to adult court. Court for Juveniles is concentrated on revitalizing or assisting children. Some of these children that have not performed previous crimes, but are mistreated or harmed by their parents or guardian would get their case tried in a Juvenile court. The state pursues to confirm the adult executed the crime at hand, concerning adult court. Adults do not get the privilege that Juveniles do by getting rehabilitation, adult court rather wants justice to be served. The expressions in Juvenile and adult courts are not the same. For example, a Juvenile in court is called a respondent. A defendant is what an adult is called in adult court. The conclusion ofa indictment is titled a verdict in adult court, but in Juvenile court is called adjudication. Delinquency According to New York State Unified Court System (2013), When a person who is under 16 years old, but is at least 7 years old, commits an act which would be a crime if he or she were an adult, and is then found to be in need of supervision, treatment or confinement, the person is called a Juvenile delinquent. Delinquency, destruction and intense misconducts produce substantial harm and are costly to society. A report by the US Congress from a group of college students had distinguished how little scientific assessments occur on traditional patrolling and

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Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing Porters Five forces Analysis Harley Davidson’s goal for perfect competition relies on Porter’s five forces framework such as market rivalry whereby a business organization competes favorably in the global market arena as part of maintaining a well established competitive edge. The company’s market share and industrial concentration are favorably stable.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Strategic marketing- Harley Davidson specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is due to its diverse product differentiation and the ability to raise and lower commodity prices without incurring losses. Although it is faced with threats of product substitute that emanates from other market players, Harley Davidson overcomes the challenge of accessory substitutes by making frequent replacements. On the same note, the global market is threatened by incumbent firms that tend to increase barrier to entry of new and sma ller firms. However, Harley Davidson uses the barrier strategically through price reduction in order to gain competitive advantage. PESTEL analyses for Harley Davidson Company Political factors Managers at the Harley Davidson Company are faced with diverse macro-environment challenges that impact the decisions they make. Some of the macro changes that effect its operations include the changes in government policy, demographic changes, trade barriers, new laws and tax changes. One key macro-environment factor affecting its operations is the political factor. Additionally, there are myriad of political decisions that impact the operations of Harley Davidson in vital business areas such as health and education of the workforce as well as quality of economic infrastructure like roads. Economic factors The economic factors include exchange and inflation rates, economic growth, taxation changes and interest rates. These economic factors impact the behavior of the firm in such areas as det erring investments since it makes the cost of borrowing to increase and exporting of its products becomes difficult due to a strong currency which raises the price of commodities. In addition, due to the current inflation problem, Harley Davidson faces the problem of raised operational costs and demands from employees who need higher wages.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Social factors Socially, one of the factors impacting Harley Davidson’s operations includes massive changes in social trends. This has been found to impact the willingness and availability of its employees to work as well as the demand for its products. The impact of social factors is witnessed among the aging population who are part of its staff and require pension payments. This increases the cost of payments and hiring of new staff. Besides, it has to deal with the impact of the age d on demand. As usual, the aged do not frequently demand motorcycles what makes the demand among this age group to be lower. Technological factors Harley Davidson is making use of new technologies to innovate new processes and products. Its motor cycles, accessories and merchandise are all created for new markets and with room for technological improvements. Besides, it has adopted online business systems through which it markets and sells its products to online shoppers. Through technology, Harley Davidson has been able to lead in innovation, improve the quality of its products, create better two-wheel designs and reduce costs. Environmental factors Major environmental factors affecting this business include climate and weather changes. An external factor such as global warming is a significant problem to this company as it impacts both transportation and travel industries. Buyers prefer cars to motorcycles and this affects the sales of motor cycles and its business opportunities d ue to changing demand patterns. Legal factors Certain legal factors such as consumer laws, safety legislation, and employment as well as competition laws control and regulate its operations. Of greatest importance is the employment law that covers the issue of wages for employees, working hours, dismissal procedures and redundancy. Competitive advantage Some of the important competitive advantages at Harley Davidson include the fact that it has employed innovative capacity, strategic flexibility, organizational learning and effective technology. Besides, it has articulate strategic intent, competencies and resources that are non-substitutable and unique.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Strategic marketing- Harley Davidson specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Ways for value creation/ ways for customer value creation Harley Davidson value creation methods include customer engagements, encouraging blogs and debates on products, creating value through transparency, risk benefit, access and dialogue. Evaluate H-D’s latest segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) Strategies. What are its major Strengths and weaknesses? Market segmentation in Harley Davidson is pursued with greater vitality to ensure that the existing market is understood even better and newer avenues to sell the products that have been identified. Lower prices for products to these economies act as part of crucial attraction factors and therefore essential marketing strategy for new products that are being introduced into the market. Other market segmentation that could result in greater sales includes consideration of individual groups’ behaviors to determine their exact preferences especially in the emerging era of great creativity. In terms of target, its products target transport businesses and companies as well as individuals. In terms of positioning, following the continued expansion of population in Americ a, Harley Davidson products have not been made more available especially in major towns. However, to promote the availability of these products, the company has resulted to online sales where consumers can order for their choice of products and get them delivered. Suggest 2-3 contingencies that H-D should contemplate (international/European/Asian markets? Younger generation customers, more focus on women customers? Parts markets? ) . What main changes to their current marketing strategy should H-D consider to minimise impact of these contingencies (just point them out and write 1-3 sentences in support)? Harley Davidson should concentrate on younger generation customers and international markets. To cushion itself from contingencies, it should be updated periodically such as offering staff training and develop mitigation options as these are key in risk planning and business continuity. H-D is switching its strategy to Crowd sourcing (last page). Evaluate this strategy in regards to H-D Is switching to it a threat or an opportunity? Why? Harley Davidson creative marketing initiatives based on crowd sourcing is a move aimed at engaging the broader community and its customers with its brand and the company. Besides, Harley Davidson intends to adopt crowd sourcing for community collaboration and consumer innovation.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Crowd sourcing is indeed an opportunity for Harley Davidson to increase its marketing initiatives. It will also use it as a production and problem solving model through which it reaches customers and communities and submits solutions to both its customers and employees. Pros and cons? Would it work for H-D or not? Why? Crowd sourcing can effectively work for Harley Davidson as it provides a forum where issues affecting workers and customers are explored quickly and at a cost that is comparatively effective. Besides, through crowd sourcing, Harley Davidson has the ability to tap from a wide range of opportunities and talents in the organization. Additional crowd sourcing provides Harley Davidson with an opportunity to gain first hand information from customers on products and preferences. Lastly, this model creates a crowd sourcing organization that encourages contribution and collaboration key for business growth. Analyze the major 5 principal factors behind switching to this new st rategy? One major factor why Harley Davidson made a move to crowd souring was to develop a consumer engagement project where a ‘community is involved to ensure that effective contributions or collaborations on products and services are made to enhance the performance of a business. Besides, crowd sourcing model was going to introduce the community to its product designs, innovations and new features. These were to act as incentives for motivating the willingness of buyers to shop for its products. In addition, it was a step to allow the broader community and customers to feel as a part of the company and to be engaged in its business activities. In addition, the focus of adopting crowd sourcing was to ensure that consumers and the community are satisfied ,with products and services offered. Advise to H-D of at least 2 major marketing strategies that they should consider strengthening their position. Applying RACES (Resources, acceptability, consistency, effectiveness, sustaina bility) criteria, which of these strategies would you advise the publication to adopt and why? Sustainability- Crowd sourcing is strategies that will link Harley Davidson with its customers and the community and as such offer it a unique competitive advantage. Effectiveness- Crowd sourcing is an effective means of presenting to a community or customers the initiatives of a business as.well as products and services. Crowd.sourcing will strengthen the position of Harley Davidson in the market. H-D is a company with strong marketing. What changes into H-D marketing department could be made in order to support new Crowd sourcing strategy and help H-D to strengthen its position in the market? Some of the important strategies that can be put in place include developing leadership capabilities to handle marketing teams and improving marketing skills. Building leadership capability is important in coordinating marketing activities while improving marketing skills is vital for overcoming dyn amic challenges that are common in contemporary marketing.

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Practice in Identifying Helping Verbs in English

Practice in Identifying Helping Verbs in English A helping verb (also called an auxiliary verb) is a verb (such as have, do, or will) that comes before the main verb in a sentence. This exercise will give you practice in identifying helping verbs. Instructions Each of the following 15 sentences contains at least one helping verb. Identify the helping verb(s) in each sentence, and then compare your answers with those on page two. Keep in mind that more than one helping verb (such as has been) can be used in front of a main verb. In addition, remember that sometimes another word (such as not) separates the helping verb from the main verb. My sister has promised to come with us to the Thousand Islands.Sam and Dave will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the class.I must return to Yellowstone National Park to appreciate its significance and astonishing beauty.We should read another book by E.B. White.We should not waste our time watching TV.My brother will be flying out of Cleveland tomorrow morning.We have been studying all week for the final exam.Katie has not been studying very hard.My car was stolen by a couple of kids out for a good time.I can help you tonight if you will drive me home later.Thousands of people, braving the cold and the rain, had been waiting for hours for the band to show up.Tony and his friends are bored with their lives, and so they are always looking for trouble.I know that I must make a decision soon, but first I may ask my teacher for advice.Marie could not start her car this morning, so she will probably not go into work at all today.I have finished the quiz on helping verbs, and now I am going home.   Below are the answers (in bold) to the practice exercise in  Identifying Helping Verbs. My sister  has  promised to come with us to the Thousand Islands.Sam and Dave  will  prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the class.I  must  return to Yellowstone National Park to appreciate its significance and astonishing beauty.We  should  read another book by E.B. White.We  should  not waste our time watching TV.My brother  will be  flying out of Cleveland tomorrow morning.We  have been  studying all week for the final exam.Katie  has  not  been  studying very hard.My car  was  stolen by a couple of kids out for a good time.I  can  help you tonight if you  will  drive me home later.Thousands of people, braving the cold and the rain,  had been  waiting for hours for the band to show up.Tony and his friends  are  bored with their lives, and so they  are  always looking for trouble.I know that I  must  make a decision soon, but first I  may  ask my teacher for advice.Marie  could  not start her car this morning , so she  will  probably not go into work at all today.I  have  finished the quiz on helping verbs, and now I  am  going home.

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PC Chipsets Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

PC Chipsets - Case Study Example This was up by roughly 2.1 % from the previous year. Its next closest competitor was Toshiba, which barely took second place with 5.0% of the total market. This was not a good year for Toshiba, which saw its market share drop by almost 1% from the previous year. Closely nipping at its heels was STMicroelectronics, a company that took in 4.7% of the market. The company did relatively well, with its share up from 4.0% in 2000. Texas Instruments and Samsung complete the top 5 microchip industry leaders, but both showed signs of decline in 2001, in a nod to a terrible year for microchip producers. Everyone knows just how dominant Intel is in the microchip and microprocessor business. But since Paul Otellini began his tenure as CEO in 2006, Intel has rapidly diversified its business approach. According to Mcgregor (2007), "The new Intel is changing the competitive landscape with its expansion into new markets. Thus, entry into these industries has brought new competition for the silicon giant from companies such as ARM and VIA in the low-power form factors and consumer electronics space, while more traditional competitors such as AMD and IBM adopt a flanking stance to these new strategies. ( p. 17) AMD has actually been trying numerous strategies to try and catch up with the dominance of Intel. In what some industry analysts viewed as a ploy to increase their share price, AMD filed an antitrust suit against Intel. Business Week (2005) states that "the company has filed sealed court documents alleging that Intel Corp. used unfair business practices and scare tactics to stop AMD from winning microprocessor contracts with major computer makers" (p. 9) Intel would later sharply refute these allegations, arguing that its rival was the victim of its own lapses in judgment. In a nutshell, AMD is the only major competitor in the processor market. Competitors in PC chipsets include VIA Technologies, SiS, ATI, and Nvidia, and its competitors in flash memory include Spansion, Samsung, and Hynix. 1 2. Products that use the Intel Chip The world's largest semiconductor company is the inventor of x86 series of microprocessors, which is basically the processor found in most of the world's computers. It is responsible for much of the growth in the personal computer industry, and is the undisputed leader in producing microprocessor chips. In the 1980's at the onset of the personal computer revolution, Intel supplied chips to both IBM and Compaq, setting up the stage for a competitive market for PC-compatible systems. This set up Intel as a key component supplier in the rapidly emerging market. Today, the biggest names in the market make use of the Core2Duo and Intel Centrino processors in what serves as the closest thing to a market standard. Among many others, heavyweights such as Dell and IBM use Intel processors in all of their desktop and notebook pc models. Even former competitors have started to join the fray, as the New York Times (2007) announced that "Sun Microsytems and Intel, two technology companies that ha ve rarely found themselves on the same side of the aisle, announced a deal on Monday for Sun to use Intel chips in some of its computer servers, a setback for rival chip maker Advanced Micro Devices" ( p. 8) However, the biggest coup for Intel was when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be switching from its PowerPC